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    Each year, Congress introduces thousands of laws on issues that affect us every day. However, voter turnout was at an all-time low in 2014, at just 36%.


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    Mission: To give everyone a voice in our democracy by making civic engagement accessible, efficient, and impactful year-round.

    IssueVoter is a non-partisan platform that helps make your voice heard in Washington with just 1-click, and tracks how often elected officials vote your way, helping you become a more informed voter at election time.

  • Stats at a glance

    As our two-party system is becoming more and more polarized, it's individual issues that matter. #WhyIVote @IssueVoter


    The 2014 election lacked a "dominant national theme", with no single issue rising above all others. Perhaps affected by the lack of a single key issue, nationwide voter turnout was the lowest since 1942. (Source: U.S. elections, 2014)


    Voter turnout in 2014 was the lowest since 1942.

    246 Republicans & 186 Democrats

    in the House of Representatives, a predominately 2-party system.

    Over $3 Billion

    spent on Congressional campaigns.


    And while in office, reps spend most their time fundraising.

    Worked 135 days

    That's just 37% of the year.

    14% Approval Rating

    Yet 95% were re-elected by voters.

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